Recently we came across an article from eLearning Industry about a few common mistakes organizations make when implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and how to avoid them. We at LearningSI feel the article offers solid advice and is in alignment with our own views on LMS.

Additionally, we had a few more thoughts we feel should be considered when contemplating moving forward with a Learning Management System:

  • Be Clear on What Problem You are Trying to Solve: Moving forward with any LMS is a significant commitment and you need to be sure you understand what you are trying to achieve and why. It’s also important to examine whether you need an “in house” LMS, or if an outsourced solution would work.
  • Be Clear on What is Required for Your Specific Business Needs: It is fairly common that we purchase software as a solution that goes well beyond what our real needs are, and ends up creating a larger problem than what we started with and / or a larger overall cost than required.
  • Take Time to Explore Your Options: There are a myriad of LMS providers out there that at first seem incredibly similar, but offer different “bells & whistles”. Figure out what is needed for your organization (and just as importantly what isn’t) before making a commitment. However, with that said…
  • For-go Perfection: As the article states if you try to “get it perfect” you may never move forward, but you need to find a balance between doing the required diligence and deciding when to commit.
  • Ensure You Have Set Yourself up for Success: Have a system champion, competent system administration, and dedicated content managers. The system needs to be and remain “evergreen”.
  • Ensure Clarity: Both in the LMS support provided by the vendor, as well as the impact or support required from your internal IT department.

Finally, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the LMS simply to launch, track and report, or is it a part of a larger company learning strategy on how you do business?
  • Are you truly committed to your LMS besides the initial investment, and are you willing to devote the resources to maintain it and keep it current?

In performing this due diligence you are far more likely to have success with LMS implementation.

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