Training-Related Services

Whether it's SOP's, P&ID walk downs, task analysis or train the trainer, whatever your training needs are, we can help.

Check out the many training-related services we offer:

SOP/SMP Development

Standard Operating Procedures and Standard Maintenance procedures are a key component of any successful operation.

We can create both the SOPs/SMPs for you, or provide support for your team through our Procedure Writing Workshop where we will teach them the necessary procedure writing skills

Learning Roadmaps

Learning Roadmaps add critical value to every training program by identifying the knowledge and skills necessary for employees to excel in a position.

Roadmaps identify job-related responsibilities and the training required to meet those responsibilities. The roadmap can also support performance verification and skills gap analysis.

Process System Training

In our opinion, the Process System Manuals are the most important of any learning/training effort.

These custom-developed, site-specific documents provide your team the thorough knowledge and understanding they need to know in order to execute their job at the highest level.

Documentation Upgrade

Over the course of time in any operating facility, things change. The result is more often than not, documentation is not kept current.

We can assist you in making sure your documentation stays “evergreen” by assisting you with a Management of Change (MOC) process.

Performance Training Checklists

Perhaps you already have position descriptions and have identified the required training. How do you know if the tasks are being performed correctly or that the training was successful?

Our Performance Based Training Checklists provides the final piece of the training puzzle

P&ID Walk-Downs and Updates

Do your P&IDs reflect the current condition of your plant or facility? If not, we can assist you in making sure your drawings reflect what’s actually out on the operating floor or in an “as built” condition.

Position Competency Profiles

How do you objectively identify whether an individual is competently performing all that is expected from their position? Unless you have identified those exact expectations you can’t. Our competency profiles assist you in identifying the exact expectations for each position.

Work Task Analysis

To identify the proper training for a specific position you need to know which specific tasks are being performed by that position.

We can assist you in identifying these tasks through our “Experience Capture” program where we gather your best operators in the same room to identify all job-related tasks.

Training Needs Assessment

Is your current training approach meeting your expectations and delivering the results you anticipated? If not, perhaps your approach to training needs to be revisited.

We can assist you in determining what changes or additions need to be made to your training approach to assure results align with your expectations.

Train the Writer

Writing technical documents requires a unique set of skills.

The writer needs to be thorough, concise and most importantly pay attention to detail. We can teach your team the skills necessary to write technical documents through one of our writing workshops.


We provide complete professional translation services in over 100 languages.

Procedure Development Workshop

In these workshops, your employees learn the importance of a detailed action step approach when writing procedures.

This straight forward approach can be applied to the creation any type of procedure.

Train the Trainer

Presenting training is not a skill everyone possesses.

Our Train the Trainer class identifies the key elements of what it takes to be a successful trainer.

The skills learned in this class will make the task of presenting training less challenging.

OEM O&M Development

Do you often hear from your customers that your companies O&M manuals aren’t meeting their expectations? If so, perhaps we can help.

Let us work with you to develop O&M manuals that will be the envy of the industry by adding value.

Your customers will see the real value added and it won’t break your bank.

Operations Pay-For-Skills Programs

You want to encourage your employees to learn and grow in their responsibilities.

But where do you start in implementing a Pay-For-Skills (PFS) program? Let us help you develop and implement a PFS program that is right for your facility

Maintenance Pay-For-Skills Programs
Similar to our Operations Pay-For-Skills program, our maintenance program assists you in developing implementing a pay for skills program on the maintenance side.
Staff Augumentation

For those times when there is more work than qualified bodies – perhaps you‘re implementing a new training program or concept. Let our experienced staff lend a hand.

We can provide the necessary management support or provide the qualified skill sets to perform or support the job tasks required to achieve your training objectives.

Do you have a unique training need that you don’t see mentioned?

Find out how we could address your situation for you.