Read our latest article published recently in HRDive. Learning SI CEO Steve Ostrowski discusses the key ways in which e-learning helps industrial operators address the increasing need for trained employees.

Steve also speaks to a few of the myths surrounding e-learning in workplace settings and offers some useful advice to e-learning novices.

For learning technologists at LearningSI, a training program firm that specializes in industrial applications, it’s not just a lack of investment. The fact of the matter is, many workers in affected fields haven’t had the same introduction to industrial concepts prior to entering the workforce.


Or, as LearningSI e-learning expert Brendan Nagle succinctly put it: “No one fixes their own car anymore.”


“You know, that sounds funny,” LearningSI CEO Steve Ostrowski said after hearing Nagle’s remark, “but that was a very basic way to learn about mechanical concepts.” Ostrowski said several clients have come to his firm complaining that their new hires, or lack thereof, simply don’t have the necessary skills to do a given job.

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