Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where do I find pricing for LearningSI products?

Because each customer’s situation is different as to the subject they are interested in, type of class, the number of individuals taking the class, the best way to learn about our pricing is to contact us by phone or email, identify your training needs and request a free quote.

2. Can I purchase multiple formats of the same course?

We have no restrictions on purchasing multiple formats of the same course.

We suggest however that we work together to examine your training needs and develop the training solution that best works for your situation.

3. How do I implement LearningSI's eLearning courses?

Our eLearning courses can be implemented in a couple of ways.

You can access courses through our LMS or our courses can be loaded on your LMS. All of our eLearning courses are SCORM compliant.

4. Training I've used in the past usually ended up interrupting or slowing down production - will LearningSI do that too?

There is no avoiding the fact that training does take a commitment of time.

However, by offering our learning material in three different formats we can develop a training plan specific to your firm that minimizes or completely removes any interruption or slowing down of your production

5. Sometimes I feel my employees haven't learned anything after their training sessions. Will that be the case with LearningSi?

We understand your concern and address your concern in three important ways.

  • First, our modules include knowledge checks throughout the module to confirm your employees (i.e. learners) understand the material they just studied.
  • Second, we also have mandatory testing at the end of each module that each learner must complete to successfully finish the course.
  • Third, we offer the ability for you to see results in real time and to measure learning outcomes.

Most importantly, we’ve built in the knowledge learned from thirty plus years of experience gained from working on the job into all of our learning material. We are extremely confident your staff will have learned valuable skills they can apply immediately to their jobs after taking our courses.