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Here at LearningSI we know that the importance of strong leadership skills cannot be overstated. We also know that it’s not only high powered CEOs or championship winning coaches that benefit from being a skilled leader. No matter your position, everyone has a role in leading their company to success.

Monster’s Inside Tech came up with several ways to improve and heighten leadership skills at any level, starting with what needs to be done to prove yourself as a valuable employee who has what it takes to become a great leader:

  • Show Enthusiasm: Personal energy is contagious, and so is the lack of it. No matter what the job, complete it with a sense of urgency. When others notice, they will become enthusiastic also.
  •  Build Optimism: Negativity in the workplace is destructive. Your boss doesn’t want to hear what’s wrong with a project; he wants to hear your suggestions for making it better.
  •  Be Flexible: You can’t survive in business today while resisting change. Show you can handle change by volunteering for a new project or by helping others with change.
  •  Cooperate: Since companies must do more with fewer resources, teamwork is essential. If you insist on having your own way or controlling others, your career will run into a brick wall.
  •  Be Creative: What process can be improved? How can you make things easier for customers? Use your creativity to continuously improve processes, and you will stand out.

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One of the current and most prominent challenges facing manufacturing industries is the skills gap found in today’s workers. With many experienced workers reaching or nearing retirement there is a dearth of highly trained manufacturing professionals entering the workforce.

In a recent study by Business Roundtable  98 percent of CEOs polled indicated that the skills gap threatens their business. Quite a significant and telling statistic!

Abigail Phillips at Global Manufacturing discussed solutions to this problem in her article “How To Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap”. Her solutions are similar to the values we hold at LearningSI, such as continuing education, embracing innovation, and strong leadership.

Phillips emphasized continued education and training as particularly essential in creating and maintaining a skilled workforce, noting:

“Extensive training will not only give them the expertise needed to complete the job, it will also ensure their viability as an employee and strengthen their position at the company. Capable employees lead to better production, and a talented workforce is necessary for a business to remain competitive.”

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Detroit Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader hoisting the Stanley Cup after Babcock led them to victory in 2008.

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Mike Babcock is head coach of the Detroit Red Wings, and a well respected leader in his sport. He has a penchant for hiring assistants that eventually move in to head coaching roles, and other leadership positions. Babcock prides himself on fostering leadership skills among his assistants, and allowing them room to grow. He thinks outside the box, and isn’t afraid to make unconventional choices when it comes to hiring. Here at LearningSI we understand the invaluable role leadership skills play in an organization’s success, and we think this article offers a beneficial perspective from someone who has proven himself as an excellent leader on all fronts.

Read an excerpt from the article below:

Babcock said he hires men he knows can be a coach, and he does so without concern for his job security even though his confidence in them is so strong he believes they could do his job, at least eventually. He doesn’t care where they come from, as long as they are highly recommended. They don’t have to have NHL experience; McLellan and Peters did not.

“There is a Todd McLellan out there. Where is he? What’s his name?” Babcock said. “There’s a Mike Babcock out there. Where is he? What’s his name? They’re out there. You’ve got to find them and then you have to have enough [guts] to hire them.”

The process Babcock uses to find his assistants, to interview them, hire them, work with them, and help see them to the next stage of their career has helped him become one of the most successful coaches in NHL history.

Click here to read the full article at NHL.com.


Welcome to LearningSI, a company whose sole purpose is to offer learning services to firms operating industrial processes. Our intended audiences are the employees involved in day to day operation and maintenance activities. Our mission is to assist employers and employees improve their performance by offering courses that improve knowledge, build and strengthen leadership and assist in instilling a culture of continuous improvement. We truly believe that successful companies are those that commit to making continuous learning part of their everyday culture.

A short history lesson is probably warranted. The origins of LearningSi began with the creation of Performance Improvement for Industry (PII) in the early 90’s. Located in the Pacific Northwest, PII and its sister company PO&M provided training and construction management services to the pulp and paper, energy, oil and gas and other industries in both the US and Canada. In 2007 both companies were purchased by the Irish company and current owner Lotus Automation LTD and began operating as part of the larger Lotus family of companies collectively known as LotusWorks. Earlier this year we realized that we needed to do more in terms of learning and that in doing so “training” was not an adequate description of who we are and what we do. We also felt that we needed to distinguish ourselves from the LotusWorks family of technical services which led to the creation of LearningSI – Learning Solutions for Industry. The selection of LearningSI is our attempt to recognize our past, but also embrace our future.

So where are we headed? In addition to the services our customers have to come expect from us, we will introduce our updated Fundamental modules in a state of the art e-learning format, samples of which are currently available on this site. Going forward we will have the capability to develop system modules and other custom knowledge material in an e-learning format. Our customers will also have the choice to either operate our e-learning material on their LMS or on ours. We will also offer an assortment of Leadership development classes and support client efforts to develop and implement “Continuous Improvement” cultures and other “learning” objectives. Our business plan also includes expanding our learning offerings to include additional industrial processes and applications. We are also working on the introduction of some new approaches to industrial learning. Stay tuned.

So thank you for visiting LearningSI.com. We will use this forum to publish updates on our progress as well as providing other material that is relevant to the industrial learning environment. We look forward to your continued visits and comments. Please give us a call if you have questions about our services or if you believe we can be of assistance with your learning needs.

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