Customer Feedback

We’ve met a lot of customers in our 20 years of experience.

See what some of them have to say about working with LearningSI and their resulting training success.

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Training Manager (Pulp and Paper)

“LearningSI has been our “go to” company for development of training material over the past decade. The projects they have worked on ranged in scope from creating basic equipment training manuals through to developing material and providing training to support Recovery Boiler and Turbo Generator operation.

The LearningSI team has a wealth of industry knowledge which I have depended on when developing training for some of our legacy operating systems. They are very resourceful when it comes to working on projects that have minimal current documentation.

LearningSI will continue to be my first consideration for future training projects.”

Divisional Controller / Human Resources Manager (Pulp and Paper)

“Our division is faced with a demographic issue which is not unique to the mill or industry in general. Of our 300 plus employees, over 2/3 of them are over the age of 50 and will be leaving the workforce in the next 5 – 10 years. This includes all areas of the operation, professionals, tradespeople, and operators. To provide for addressing the need for skilled operators we worked with LearningSI to develop a 6 week program addressing the fundamentals required by new operations employees entering the mill. This course covers all aspects of the pulp mill operations, safety, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, cost and quality.

LearningSI has worked closely with the mill to develop a program which covers all the elements and is tailored specifically to our operations. What the students see in the learning materials is what they will see in the field. LearningSI has also been able to provide us with qualified instructors who are able to deliver the material and conduct the field tours and demonstrations. We have conducted 3 sessions and graduated over 30 students out of the program.

The feedback from the Operations people is that these employees are coming out with a much better skill set than we have ever had from new employees and are able to grasp the concepts in the field very quickly. LearningSI has been a key part of this program and we find them easy to work with, responsive to the mill’s needs, and a cost effective way of developing and delivering this training.”