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Knowledge is the key to success. Here at LearningSI we understand that learning is at the very heart of improvement and achievement, at both the individual and organizational level.

E-Learning is one excellent way to facilitate on-going learning in the workplace. It is cost effective for organizations, and allows for greater flexibility and personalized learning for employees.

D&A Magazine put together a list of reasons e-learning benefits the workplace at all levels:

E-Learning Advantages for the Organization

  • Cost-effective. The production of learning content is a time consuming endeavor – whether it is online or off. However, e-learning brings an improved return on investment each time an employee accesses the course, as you are dividing the fixed production costs by number of uses. An online learning environment also eliminates the cost of transportation, physical textbooks and other material and labour costs incurred by attending classes in a traditional setting.
  • ŸImproved productivity. In today’s economy, businesses are looking for ways to do more with less. Research shows ongoing employee learning leads to improved, and more efficient, performance. The added value behind e-learning is that the tools and skills offered are not bound by geography or time, meaning you can control the impact on production by encouraging employees to access training courses during down times.
  • ŸStandardized learning. One of the challenges with traditional learning environments is the fact facilitators may change and the courses may be presented differently across separate sessions. This is not an issue with e-learning, as it allows you to create a standardized process, resulting in consistency in the delivery of content.

Click here to read the rest of D&A’s benefits to e-learning, and be sure to check out LearningSI’s current course offerings to see how we can help your organization reach its educational goals.



Welcome to LearningSI, a company whose sole purpose is to offer learning services to firms operating industrial processes. Our intended audiences are the employees involved in day to day operation and maintenance activities. Our mission is to assist employers and employees improve their performance by offering courses that improve knowledge, build and strengthen leadership and assist in instilling a culture of continuous improvement. We truly believe that successful companies are those that commit to making continuous learning part of their everyday culture.

A short history lesson is probably warranted. The origins of LearningSi began with the creation of Performance Improvement for Industry (PII) in the early 90’s. Located in the Pacific Northwest, PII and its sister company PO&M provided training and construction management services to the pulp and paper, energy, oil and gas and other industries in both the US and Canada. In 2007 both companies were purchased by the Irish company and current owner Lotus Automation LTD and began operating as part of the larger Lotus family of companies collectively known as LotusWorks. Earlier this year we realized that we needed to do more in terms of learning and that in doing so “training” was not an adequate description of who we are and what we do. We also felt that we needed to distinguish ourselves from the LotusWorks family of technical services which led to the creation of LearningSI – Learning Solutions for Industry. The selection of LearningSI is our attempt to recognize our past, but also embrace our future.

So where are we headed? In addition to the services our customers have to come expect from us, we will introduce our updated Fundamental modules in a state of the art e-learning format, samples of which are currently available on this site. Going forward we will have the capability to develop system modules and other custom knowledge material in an e-learning format. Our customers will also have the choice to either operate our e-learning material on their LMS or on ours. We will also offer an assortment of Leadership development classes and support client efforts to develop and implement “Continuous Improvement” cultures and other “learning” objectives. Our business plan also includes expanding our learning offerings to include additional industrial processes and applications. We are also working on the introduction of some new approaches to industrial learning. Stay tuned.

So thank you for visiting We will use this forum to publish updates on our progress as well as providing other material that is relevant to the industrial learning environment. We look forward to your continued visits and comments. Please give us a call if you have questions about our services or if you believe we can be of assistance with your learning needs.

Keep learning,