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Free Trial Content Overview
  • The free trial gives you access to Principles of Flow Measurement, just one example of the comprehensive modules from our eLearning catalog.
  • The trial gives you the opportunity to discover some of the key features that set our eLearning modules apart from our competitors, including animated demonstrations, Activator and Checkpoint activities, Coach’s Notes and the Knowledge Check.

During your trial, watch for these features:

  • Learning Objectives

    Clear goal statements that tell learners, and their managers, what they can expect to learn by completing the module. Our Learning Objectives drive instruction, practice and assessment.

  • Coach’s Notes

    Practical tips and information to help learners apply their learning on the job.

  • Words at Work

    A guide to common workplace vocabulary, terminology and acronyms to help learners connect their learning with the workplace.

  • Resources

    A library with tools such as measurement conversion charts, note-taking worksheets, quick reference sheets and examples of authentic workplace materials that support learning and on the job application.

  • Activators

    Warm-up activities intended to help learners activate prior knowledge and experiences related to the key concepts in the module.

  • Checkpoints

    Guided practice activities designed to support comprehension of key concepts and information.

  • Knowledge Check

    A graded quiz at the end of the module that assesses the learner’s comprehension of the learning material. Learners have three attempts to score 70% or higher and complete the Knowledge Check successfully.

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