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Tips on Operational Excellence

Every organization strives for excellence. The best organizations seek to continuously expand and improve on their current models, and that starts with a clear cut vision for their future. That vision requires a functional path that provides cues that you are heading in the right direction. In other words, it requires Operational Excellence. Process Excellence […]

Some Thoughts on Learning Management Systems

Recently we came across an article from eLearning Industry about a few common mistakes organizations make when implementing Learning Management Systems (LMS) and how to avoid them. We at LearningSI feel the article offers solid advice and is in alignment with our own views on LMS. Additionally, we had a few more thoughts we feel […]

Tips on Developing Leadership Skills

Image Credit: Scott Maxwell/CC BY-SA 2.0 Here at LearningSI we know that the importance of strong leadership skills cannot be overstated. We also know that it’s not only high powered CEOs or championship winning coaches that benefit from being a skilled leader. No matter your position, everyone has a role in leading their company to success. […]

Solutions to the Skills Gap from Global Manufacturing

One of the current and most prominent challenges facing manufacturing industries is the skills gap found in today’s workers. With many experienced workers reaching or nearing retirement there is a dearth of highly trained manufacturing professionals entering the workforce. In a recent study by Business Roundtable  98 percent of CEOs polled indicated that the skills […]


Welcome to LearningSI, a company whose sole purpose is to offer learning services to firms operating industrial processes. Our intended audiences are the employees involved in day to day operation and maintenance activities. Our mission is to assist employers and employees improve their performance by offering courses that improve knowledge, build and strengthen leadership and […]